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About Us

Welcome to the St. Mary’s Wrestling Club’s home on the web. We are a junior league level club based out of St. Mary’s County in Southern Maryland. Our program hosts wrestlers ranging in ages from 5-14, prior to them entering high school. We cover basic fundamental wrestling through advanced techniques. The program feeds wrestlers into Leonardtown, Chopticon, Great Mills and St. Mary’s Ryken High Schools. Our regular season runs from the middle of November through the middle of March.

Please have a look around and if you don’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to email.

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We have closed registration for the 2017-2018 season. If you have any questions please send them our way: coach@stmaryswrestling.org. Registration for the 2018-2019 season will open October 2018.

SMJWL Upcoming Event

Full schedule can be found here.


Mill Creek Middle School

Doors Open 8AM

Wrestling 9AM

In-Season Practice Schedule

We are set to begin practice Wednesday, November 15.

Ages 8 & Under (Mighty Mites) Monday-Wednesday-Friday 600-700

Ages 9-14 Monday-Wednesday-Friday 700-830

A reminder that all wrestlers are required to attend a minimum of 2 nights per week but are encouraged to attend all 3.

Any days that there is no school there is no practice. This includes scheduled days off and emergency cancellations for weather, etc.

Coaching Help

We are always looking for coaches who are interested in returning to the sport. Anyone that is interested in becoming a coach this year please email Coach Bobby at coach@stmaryswrestling.org.

Honorary Captain Program

Another new item this season will be the Honorary Captain Program. For each home wrestling match at Leonardtown High School, one St. Mary’s wrestler will be selected to be the Honorary Captain for the night. They will get free entry into the home match, be part of the coin flip, the team huddles, sit on the bench with the team, etc. Interested wrestlers will be able to enter their name for the drawing the week leading up to the home match. There are 3 more home matches at Leonardtown in the 2018 season.

MSWA Future Champions Series

Here is the link for the Novice Tournaments: http://marylandwrestling.org/future-champion-series/.  If you have any questions please let me know.

Skin Conditions and Wrestling

The reality is that wrestling is one of the few direct contact sports. And in being a direct contact sport, the spread of viruses and bacteria can happen very easily, and without proper treatment can spread through an entire group quickly. In the following link, you will find information on prevention, identification and remediation of various skin conditions. Also discussed and outlined are the proactive methods the club takes to protect our very large wrestling family.

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